Orthodox Saints Directory

About the Project

On this website you will find a directory of Orthodox saints from around the world and across all time periods. This directory will contain hagiographies, biographies, and life stories of the most important, essential saints. We will also include additional materials which are in some way related to them (e.g. icons or prayers).  The directory addresses clergy, scientists and all Christian believers, as well as a wider audience interested in Orthodox saints.

Directory Structure

All the saints presented on this website will be grouped into categories to allow you to browse through the saints according to their impact on the Church — for example, those who influenced church teachings or wonderworkers. Both alphabetical and chronological lists will also be available for your convenience.

Our Mission

The purpose of this website is to draw people’s attention to the lives of the saints as well as to their views, approaches, and actions. Saints’ lives reveal to us those ideals that we can try to attain in our everyday lives as believers, in order to move closer to God and God’s will; such information is therefore very important for all of us.

Current State
of the Project

This project is still ongoing, and we are in the process of developing a full-scale website. The webpage you are currently reading is just a small presentation meant to give you a general sense of what the directory of Orthodox saints will look like in the future.

Invitation to Cooperate

We are actively seeking consultants with a deep knowledge of Orthodox theology, Church historians, philosophers of religion, who would be willing to help us work on our directory. Please, feel free to contact us, we will be very glad to hear from you.

Some Saints

Some of the saints you will find in the directory

St. Gregory the Theologian

(Gregory of Nazianzus)

St. Basil the Great

(Basil of Caesaria) (330)

Venerable Nil Sorsky

(Nilus of Sora, Nil Sorski)

John (Maximovitch)

The Wonderworker, Archbishop of Shanghai (1896-1966)


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